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Director: Jaroslav Siakel
Audio: faad, 129 kb / s
Runtime: 1:07:43
Country: Czechoslovakia
Genre: Drama
Year: 1921
Starring: Theodore Pishtek, Karel Schleichert, Maria Fabryova, Miloslav Schmidt, Olga Augustów, Bronislaw Libya, Vladimir Sramek


The son of a peasant named Juraj Jánošík, studying at the seminary because of the local priest. One day he came to visit his father and mother, but before this is just his mother died and his father spotted to death according to the order Sandor, because he could not go to serfdom. Jánošík combined with the "mountain brother" plundering landlords and give the loot to peasants and became their "main". The film - the first full Slovak painting. With the help of you can download Janosik free full movie in HD.

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