Download Kladivo na carodejnice for free in HD quality

Download Kladivo na carodejnice for free in HD quality

Movie Kladivo na carodejnice torrent HD

Genre: Drama
Year: 1969
Country: Czechoslovakia
Audio: faad, 128 kb / s
Director: Otakar Vavra
Runtime: 1:42:23
Starring: Elo Romanchik Vladimir Shmeral Sonia Valentová, Kemr Joseph, Lola Skrbkova, Jiřina Shtepnichkova Marie Nademleynska Miriam Kantorkova, Lubor Tokosh, Blessed Golishova, Yaroslav Obermayerova, Jiri Goals


XVII century. Inquisition keeps at bay the whole of Europe. And the common people believe and know that witches live everywhere. For speedy trial and punishment of witches towns and villages touring cruel bigots inquisitors. Not disdaining sophisticated torture and deceit, they are everywhere organize gambling witch hunt. In great agony wife stipulate husbands, children - fathers, general fear among entire families go to the stake, few dare to speak out against the Church of the Holy Hand of Vengeance. In their struggle, they can rely on God. But whether God will hear the prayers of those on whom the Inquisition had brought it a bloody ax? With the help of this site you can download Kladivo na carodejnice full movie in HD quality.

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