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Download Kung Fury free torrent 1080p

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Director: David Sandberg
Year: 2015
Runtime: 00:31:02
Genre: Struggle
Audio: ffaac, 81 kb / s
Country: Sweden
Starring: Joanna Hdggblom, Bjorn Gustafsson, Magnus Betnyr, David Sandberg, Andreas Cahling, Per-Henrik Arvidius, Leopold Nilsson, Sebastian Sahin


No one could suspect that in the 80s, last century, one from the state of Miami, is born a terrible person. At first glance, the film Kung Fury tells about the hard life of a boy, who in the early years has done a lot of trouble - Adolf Hitler. But, in fact, he had the nickname he earned his merits in the future, as now, many of the media call him Kung Fuhrer. During its existence, he did not once became the dictator of the totalitarian destruction of mankind, he has managed to establish itself not only in Miami, but all over the world that does not give peace. All this will not present historical life of Adolf Hitler, and his substitute. The fact that this cop, who is called "superkopii" wants to go back in time, but with a view to find out very soon viewers who want to watch a movie online. At the very beginning of the movie Kung Fury (2015), the desire to see the man to finally destroy the present Hitler, who ruled Germany, and possibly put an edge existence of Nazism. Is it possible to accomplish such a feat, we will be able to find out very soon. With you can download Kung Fury full free HD movie.

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