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Director: Damiano Damiani
Audio: MP3, 64 kb / s
Country: France
Year: 1963
Runtime: 1:41:28
Genre: Drama
Starring: Bette Davis, Horst Buchholz, Catherine Spaak, Isa Miranda, Lea Padovani, Daniela Rocca, George Wilson, Leonida Repaci, Edoardo captivity, Daniela Calvino, Amos Devoli, Marcella Rowena


Artist Dino, tormented by boredom, never can realize himself - no work, no love. Only once on the brink of life and death after a failed suicide attempt, the hero acquires the capacity to love, without demanding anything in return, and hope to go back to painting. With the help of you can download La noia full HD movie.

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