Download La repetition full movie 1080p

Download La repetition full movie 1080p

Movie La repetition full 1080p

Year: 2001
Country: France
Director: Catherine Corsini
Runtime: 1:32:06
Genre: Drama
Audio: faad, 128 kb / s
Starring: Emmanuelle Beart, Pascal Byusser, Dani Levy, Jean-Pierre Kalfon, Sami Bouajila, Marilou Marini, Clement Hervieu-Leger, Marc Ponette, Rafael Neal, Sebastien Gorteau, Vincent Maken, David Ginn


The story of two women who are within ten years of the friends and loved one another, quarreled and parted to know in 10 years, that their passion for each other all is not quenched. They had been inseparable since childhood, we grew up together, and years later one of them - Natalie - has become a famous actress, who has a boyfriend, life been established. The second, Louisa, was the dentist working with her husband. But when they met again, their friendship and their relationship, their love flared up again. Louise left her husband, joined the tour, which went to Natalie ... To all this mixed with jealousy Louise Natalie for a career, and it makes breaking point in their love ... With the help of you can download La repetition full free movie in HD quality .

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