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Download La viaccia in HD free

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Runtime: 1:48:05
Year: 1961
Genre: Drama
Director: Mauro Bolognini
Audio: MP3, 32 kb / s
Country: France
Starring: Jean-Paul Belmondo, Claudia Cardinale, Pietro Germi, Romolo Valli, Gabriella Pallotta, Gina Sammarco, Marcella Valeri, Emma Baron, Byava Claudio Franco Balducci, Nando Angelini, Paola Pitagora


Florence, 1885. Dying, the founder and owner of the estate Vyachcha wants to transfer his inheritance to his son Stefano and requires that the rest of the family to give up their share, as power can neither sell nor share. The second desire of the landowner was not calling for the funeral of a priest. But his children did not fulfill neither the one nor the other. The eldest son of the landowner, Nanda was able to persuade the others to transfer the rights to his estate on the condition that Stefano will be the manager. Since Nando has no family, after his death, the inheritance will go back to the other, undivided. Returning to the city, Nando takes with him his nephew Gigo, Staffan son, to work in his restaurant. Father advises Gigo be cunning with his uncle, that after his death the estate went to them. In addition, they need to find out whether his son Nando father of his mistress, which in this case would be the most likely successor. The city Gigo meets prostitute Bianca and lost his head, starts to steal money from the cash register of the restaurant to visit a brothel, where she works. Nando soon realizes this and throws his nephew. Not wanting to work on the estate of his uncle, Gigo arranged a brothel guard. Shortly thereafter, Nando dies before he married his mistress, and leaving her all the inheritance. With you can download La viaccia full HD movie.

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