Download La violetera 1958 720p

Download La violetera 1958 720p

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Genre: Drama
Year: 1958
Runtime: 1:46:48
Audio: MP3, 32 kb / s
Director: Luis Cesar Amadori
Country: Italy
Starring: Sara Montiel, Raf Vallone, Franck Villard, Thomas Blanco, Pastor Serrador, Toni Soler, Felix Fernandez, Robert Pisani, Charles Fawcett, Aurora Garcia Alonso, Laura Valenzuela, Julia Delgado Caro


The beginning of XX century. Soledad - pretty saleswoman violets and aspiring singer a small variety, met at the Bolshoi Theater of Madrid with Fernando - an influential gentleman. Crazy feeling younger people, but their marriage is impossible because of the different social status, Soledad trusted to fulfill one of the main parties, a variety show, her charming voice wins hearts of listeners and it is becoming the most popular singer in Spain. Her performances and concerts are sold out all over the world. Over time it has become rich, but still she was lonely and only meeting with Fernando can calm her heart. With you can download La violetera free movie in HD.

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