Download Last Flight torrent in HD

Download Last Flight torrent in HD

Movie Last Flight free HD

Audio: ffaac, 128 kb / s
Country: China
Genre: Struggle
Year: 2014
Director: Vincent Zhou
Runtime: 1:21:38
Starring: Johann Helf, Ed Westwick, Cary Kazemi, Zhu Zhu, Emily Sansiri, Alexander Winters, Didi Qian, Leon Lee, Linlin Jiang


Last Flight (2014) - is a fascinating horror film, which will have the liking of fans of this genre. If you like to watch movies online this genre, you will not want to miss this exciting story. Regular board the plane and the usual flight, which was supposed to land in New York. The idea is that the aircraft did not have to take off, because at this time to develop a strong thunderstorm and all flights with the exception of Atlantic Sky Airways Flight 686 were canceled. In the cabin are ordinary passengers, among them US soldiers, a wealthy businessman, loving couple, a university professor, a family with kids, etc. Start the flight did not promise - everything was quiet. But later began to happen something terrible. The reason for all this - an ancient artifact in the luggage compartment. It's time to wake up the evil that slept for many centuries. And then events in the last flight of the film begin to grow rapidly - the passengers begin to disappear one by one. In addition the aircraft deviates from the intended course. Air traffic controllers are beginning to realize that there is something strange here scientist understands the reason and offers to bring down the plane with the people, because the fate of dozens of people - nothing compared to the millions. At this time, the ship's captain with steward decides for himself to understand the situation in order to save themselves and the lives of passengers. With the help of this site you can download Last Flight full free movie in HD quality.

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