Download Lu cha in HD quality for free

Download Lu cha in HD quality for free

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Runtime: 1:22:48
Director: Yuan Zhang
Year: 2003
Audio: ffaac, 129 kb / s
Genre: Drama
Country: China
Starring: Jiang Wen, Zhao Wei, Feng Lingyun, Wang Hayzhen, Yuan Zhang


Postgraduate philologist have Fan appoints meetings with strangers. On one of the visits she met with Chen Minlyanom, which recently dropped the woman. Due to the fact that we have a closed fan and vulnerable nature of their acquaintance ends quarrel. But Chen Ming-liang continues to haunt her, and they continue to communicate. At Fang she tells him the story of his friend, who is able to guess the tea leaves, and her parents. Her mother worked as a makeup artist in a morgue, hiding it for many years, and when he finally found out about it, he almost went mad and became a ruin oneself by drink. He often beat and mother, and daughter. In the end, Fang says that once his mother, defending himself from a beating, killed his father and was forced to sit for it 10 years in prison. With you can download Lu cha full free movie in HD quality.

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