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Download Metzitzim for free in HD

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Country: Israel
Year: 1973
Director: Uri Zohar
Audio: faad, 128 kb / s
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 1:24:53
Starring: Arik Einstein, Uri Zohar, Sima Eliyahu, Mona Zilbershteyn, Zvi Shissel, Mordecai Ben-Ze'ev, Moti Mizrachi, Motti Levi, Mordecai Arnon, Margalit Ankory, Zviya Doron, Eddie Cogan


Gutte - caretaker Beach Sheraton in Tel Aviv, the owner of the kiosk and fisherman, charismatic personality, manages all sunbathers and especially girls sunbathing on the beach. Ellie - the best friend Gutte. He is a guitarist, is married and has a young child. Ellie lover to walk on the side of the family, between friends and had the kind of partnership: Alley leading to the kiosk Gutte new girls to change, but at this time Gutte spying Ellie and girls. On the beach there are two assistant Gutte - Avi and Duvidke that not only helps as bullies. For his tricks they constantly get in the head of Gutte. In turn, Avi and Duvidke compensate their anger and resentment on Gutte through the abuse of a local restaurant owner's son - young Altman, who comes to the beach to spy for the women's locker room. It would seem that nothing disrupt the life on the beach. But the time came, and the young Altman matures and becomes a real threat to the established beach life. Ellie, in all probability, still loves his wife. Gutte continues to look for the beach and the assistants that have nahuliganyat ... With you can download Metzitzim full movie in HD.

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