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Download Minions 1080p free torrent

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Runtime: 1:26:18
Audio: ffaac, 83 kb / s
Director: Pierre Soffin
Year: 2015
Country: United States
Starring: Sandra Bullock, Michael Keaton, Hiroyuki Sanada, Jon Hamm, Jennifer Saunders, Dave Rosenbaum, Katy Mixon, Chris Renaud, Pierre Soffin, Patrick Bradford


One of the most anticipated cartoons premiered Minions (2015), which is scheduled for 10 July 2015. Earlier in the cartoon series "Despicable Me" and "Despicable Me 2" we know about creating minyonov. Cartoon Mignon tells about the characters who live on the planet longer than we have. They have many names - David, Charles, Kevin. They represent a small yellow villains, which has existed since ancient times. Its development they started with single-celled organisms gradually transformed into living beings. They have one goal: to serve the most vile person available. Find the owner of such a simple, but ... save this poser. But they did not give up. Attempts to find a new owner have not been a failure, you can say a matter of chance, they destroyed their masters, or rather those who could it be. Minions are sent to Antarctica, trying to start a new life, but without a host, they lose their purpose in life and become depressed. Tighten so, they would have died for sure, but Tutu made a minion. Kevin found the courage, he promised to find a clan to serve the worst villain, Stewart descended hunger, he wanted only one thing to eat quickly, and Bob ... Bob feared future adventures. Upon arrival in New York, they are one of the worst villains Scarlet Overkill, but if she would become their mistress? Whether the desired objectives Bob, Kevin and Stuart? It is recommended to watch movies online, to learn all about the cartoon. With the help of you can download Minions full free movie in HD quality.

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