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Runtime: 1:12:14
Country: Japan
Director: Keita Amemiya
Year: 1988
Audio: ffaac, 98 kb / s
Genre: Fantasy
Starring: Hanbei Kawai, Hiroki Ida, Eri Morishita, Makoto Yokoyama, Fuyukiti Maki, Masaaki Emory, Shohei Yamamoto, Satou Anada, Thi-Qar Aragaki, Satoshi Ito, Jaime Iwasaki Niroaki Mita


Distant future. Dark forces by mechanical robots destroying people. To come Lord of the dark forces on the ground, abducted princess of one of the clans of the people. A small detachment under the leadership of a mercenary is to rescue the princess. On the way they are joined by the cyborg ninja, eager to return from the dark forces of your body and soul ... With the help of you can download Mirai Ninja free movie in HD.

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