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Download Mirror Mirror torrent in HD

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Country: United States
Runtime: 1:44:16
Director: Marina Sargent
Year: 1990
Audio: MP3, 32 kb / s
Genre: Horrors
Starring: Karen Black, Yvonne De Carlo, William Sanderson, Rainbow Harvest, Kristin Dattilo, Ricky Paull Goldin, Charlie Spredling Tom Breznahan, Dorit Sauer, Ann Hearn, Stephen Tobolowsky, Pamela Punch


Mrs. Perillo and her friend Emeline doing chores around the house, preparing for the arrival of new owners. They find an old mirror that Emmeline wants to take his antique shop. Emeline also finds a book of occult spells and blog Uivervort Mary, who lived in this house many years ago and was killed by his own sister Elizabeth ... With the help of you can download Mirror Mirror free full movie in HD quality.

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