Download Napoleon and Samantha free movie in HD quality

Download Napoleon and Samantha free movie in HD quality

Movie Napoleon and Samantha torrent HD

Runtime: 1:31:24
Year: 1972
Genre: Drama
Country: United States
Audio: faad, 128 kb / s
Director: Bernard MakEveti
Starring: Michael Douglas, Will Geer, Arch Johnson, Johnny Whitaker, Jodie Foster, Henry Jones, Vito Scotti, John Crawford, Mary Wickes, Ellen Corby, Rex Holman, Claude Johnson


Who as a child did not dream about the dog or even your own lion? In 11-year-old Napoleon, who lives with her grandfather in a small American town, suddenly appeared one - a lion named Major. He is very kind and loves milk, and even when Napoleon with his 10-year-old girlfriend Samantha on a journey to a friend Danny, who lives far beyond the mountains, the MAJOR IN rescues them from the wild lynx and brown bear from living in the forest. With you can download Napoleon and Samantha full movie in HD.

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