Download Pazze di me full movie 1080p

Download Pazze di me full movie 1080p

Movie Pazze di me free HD

Runtime: 1:34:51
Director: Fausto Britstsi
Year: 2013
Audio: ffaac, 129 kb / s
Genre: Comedy
Country: Italy
Starring: Francesco Mandelli, Goji Loretta, Chiara Francini, Claudia Dzanella, Marina Rocco, Valeria Bilello, Lucia Poli, Paola Minachchoni, Maurizio Micheli, Flavio Lorenzo Insigne, Margherita Vicario, Alessandro Tiberi


Andrea - the only guy in the feminine family: mother, three sisters, her grandmother, her nurse and a dog, of course bitch. The father ran away from them many years ago, unable to endure the women's team. Before leaving, he told his son: Now it's your headache. Many years later he realized that he was referring to his father. Andrea had a very hard time in his life his family, may not intentionally, but poisoned his life, especially in terms of relationships with girls. And when he met the girl of his life, Andrea did not find anything smarter as to impersonate an orphan. And everything was fine, but such a family is not easy to conceal, even in a big city and the deception was revealed ... With the help of you can download Pazze di me full free HD movie.

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