Download Pixels free 1080p

Download Pixels free 1080p

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Country: United States
Audio: ffaac, 81 kb / s
Genre: Struggle
Runtime: 1:45:49
Year: 2015
Director: Chris Columbus
Starring: Michelle Monaghan, Peter Dinklage, Adam Sandler, Brian Cox, Jane Krakowski, Jared Sandler, Sean Bean, Kevin James, Josh Gad, Ashley Benson


Pixels (2015) - This fantastic comedy tells the story of three teenagers who help save the whole of humanity, and it depends on them the future of the planet. And it all started with the fact that the huge New York attack alien spaceships. It happened only because the alien visitors have seen computer games and for some reason thought it was an open threat to send them the Earth. And of course we decided to attack first. Then, the government was forced to turn to the main characters of the movie Pixels three teenagers who are very fond of a variety of computer games and consoles. Since aliens are selected from the start of the game to lead their battle is completely guided by its rules, and there are plenty of similar attacks, the guys realize that they can be overcome only with the help of the same game. While the aliens are preparing to capture the entire universe, finally being absorbed exciting strategy teenagers invent their own plan, with which can repel the attack raging aliens. But how do they manage to do it? Do you want to know the continuation? Then be sure to watch movies online. With the help of you can download Pixels free HD movie.

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