Download Police Python 357 1080p 1976

Download Police Python 357 1080p 1976

Download Police Python 357 full 1080p

Year: 1976
Genre: Thriller
Runtime: 2:00:52
Country: France
Audio: ffaac, 121 kb / s
Director: Alain Corneau
Starring: Yves Montand, Francois Perier, Simone Signoret, Stefania Sandrelli, Mathieu Quarry, Główna Vadim, Claude Bertrand, Gabrielle Dulce, Alice Reis, Tony Rёdel, George Frederick division, Serge Markan


Inspector Ferro - an experienced, courageous, intelligent and fearless policeman. He does not like to compromise, no one believes in and relies only on himself. Ferro is always the same, and he likes it. But sometimes life throws up the most incredible surprises. So, during the night arrest two dangerous armed criminals Ferro suddenly enters the lens fotografa- young Sylvia. With unusual photos and start their bright, impetuous romance. Willful and beautiful girl literally brings a mature man with a mind. Before restrained and unsentimental Ferro happy and wants only one thing - to always be with Sylvia. However, she leads a double life, playing a double game, being a kept mistress and his boss. When Ferro opens a shocking truth, it becomes an ordeal for his feelings. However, the courageous hero Montana - primarily the police, the best of the best. So when Sylvia is found murdered, Ferro, discarding emotion taken for investigation. Now, in the work he relies on common sense and his only trusted friend - pistol Python 357. With you can download Police Python 357 full free HD movie.

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