Download Poll 720p 2010

Download Poll 720p 2010

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Director: Chris Kraus
Year: 2010
Audio: faad, 129 kb / s
Country: Germany
Runtime: 2:08:30
Genre: Drama
Starring: Paula Beer, Edgar Zelge, Tambet Tuisk, Jeanette Hain, Rihi Muller Enno Trebsa, Eugene Sitohin, Susi Stach, Erwin Steinhauer, Michael Kreihsl, Gudrun Ritter, Uma Fritz


1914. Ode background Searing 14 years, she was going on vacation from Berlin to Paull estate on the Baltic coast. Distance from major cities estates explains a measured pace of life in the mansion. And live in her aristocratic German family Ode - father, a scientist obsessed with dubious studies of the human brain, and eccentric stepmother - and also housed in the estate officers of the Russian army. They all share the fear of the threat of proliferation of nationalist and anarchist sentiments, which are covered by the Estonian population. Once in the corner of an abandoned homestead Oda finds a wounded Estonian. She suspects that he - an ardent anarchist. Oda takes incredible severity of possible consequences for her decision not to extradite a fugitive. But this decision - not the last, that she will take her now adult life ... With the help of this site you can download Poll free movie in HD.

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