Download Pop Redemption free movie in HD quality

Download Pop Redemption free movie in HD quality

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Year: 2013
Genre: Comedy
Audio: ffaac, 100 kb / s
Director: Martin Le Gall
Country: France
Runtime: 1:34:32
Starring: Christophe Kurochkin, Arsene Mosca, Vincent Lenardt Gregory Gadebua, Alexandre Astier, Audrey Fleury Jonathan Cohen, Julien Doré, Yacine Belhousse, Dylia Espinat-Dief


The band, which plays in the style «gothic metal» (vocalist aground, drummer dreaming about the restaurant business, bassist recently became a father and a guitarist all day lying on the couch) is sent to a rock festival. On the way, they agree to act in a rustic restaurant to earn some money. Their performance is such a negative reaction that the owner of the inn takes up a shotgun and shoot to kill, but he dies, crushed the coffin from the inventory of Metalworkers. As a result, musicians are suspected of murder and rural police «sit on their tails». Metalist no choice but to do what they could dream in a nightmare: to change into a hippie and a hijacked bus to go to the festival «flower children»... With the help of you can download Pop Redemption full free movie in HD.

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