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Audio: ffaac, 82 kb / s
Country: United Kingdom
Director: James Bush
Runtime: 00:27:17
Year: 2015
Genre: Struggle
Starring: Adrian Bush, George Newton, John Kempling, Sabine Crossen, Ben Loyd-Holmes, Joe Egan, Amed Hashimi, Philip Lane, David Goddard


Middle Ages. The movie Predator: Dark Ages tells the story of a group of knights who returned home - in the UK, after a long and bloody campaign to the East. It seemed that they performed their mission, and to temporarily retire, but the state entered a new order - to destroy the unknown creature, terrorizing the country for quite a long time, leading up to his horror the atrocities the entire population of the British Isles. Monster was extremely experienced, inducing panic and fear in the civilian population and exceeding the best warriors of the time in their combat power and agility. Therefore, we finally reached the extreme point of hate to the unknown enemy, the state has entrusted the Knights - the most experienced warriors, sacred mission - the destruction of the monster, is not giving any commoners, know or the top of the board of the country. Watch Movie Online Predator Dark Ages (2015) by director James Bush, who brings to the court of their creative work, mainly members of the jury - the audience, each of which will mark for themselves something new in a certain scene eclecticism of cinematic art: the presence of modern monster - in the distant Middle Ages, overshadowed by the Inquisition, the Crusades, and the persecution of the enlightened people of the time of troubles. With the help of this site you can download Predator Dark Ages free full HD movie.

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