Download Presence of Mind in HD quality torrent

Download Presence of Mind in HD quality torrent

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Genre: Drama
Runtime: 1:35:49
Year: 1999
Country: United States
Audio: MP3, 32 kb / s
Director: Antoni Aloy
Starring: Sadie Frost, Jack Taylor, Tom Keller, Maria Dulce Rosello, Lydia Zimmermann, Luz Fortuny, Jude Law, Harvey Keitel, Daniel Isidro, Juana Ginzo, Carmen Ponce, Lauren Bacall


After his father's death a young woman forced to get a governess to the family estate, located on the island. The owner hired a heroine for the education of his nephews - orphans Miles and Flora. Fascinated by the charm of the employer, the new governess takes his strict conditions - to take full responsibility and do not apply to him under any circumstances. Being a prisoner of the picturesque island, the heroine is in the thrall of secrets shrouded castle. Children seem cute at first, she gradually teaches strange surprises, and the housekeeper Mado Remy inexplicably opposed to the new kindergarten teacher. The girl will learn the terrible secret related to the previous governess, Miss Jessel, the servant of Fosco and their strange relationship ... with young offspring. Now the heroine have to work hard to keep his presence of mind, living in the neighborhood ... with spirits. With the help of this site you can download Presence of Mind full movie in HD.

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