Download Pterodactyl free 1080p

Download Pterodactyl free 1080p

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Country: United States
Director: Mark L. Lester
Runtime: 1:27:50
Year: 2005
Genre: Fantasy
Audio: MP3, 32 kb / s
Starring: Cameron Deidda, Coolio, Amy Sloan, George Kalil, Ivo Katsaridou, Steve Brown, Marcia Monroe, Jessica Ferraron, Dunn Lee Howe Lotker, Dusan Fager, Todd Kramer


Eruption awakened to life colony ferocious predators, dozing in his bowels. A flock of pterodactyls, agile killers from the past, chose to chance, and now these things are very hungry! Tourists and destroying a squad of marines, bloodthirsty hunters become a real threat for the residents of the surrounding cities. Now the life of innocent people is dependent on a handful of desperate adventurers. Paleontologist Michael Lovecraft and special forces commander Frank Bergin with a group of adventurers sent messengers to the lair of the ancient world, but pterodactyls are ready for battle! Rows of people rapidly thinning. Will the survivors destroy a horde of hungry invaders, rescuing humanity from extinction? With you can download Pterodactyl free HD movie.

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