Download Ra.One 1080p for free

Download Ra.One 1080p for free

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Genre: Struggle
Country: United States
Audio: ffaac, 128 kb / s
Runtime: 2:35:50
Year: 2011
Director: Anubhav Sinha
Starring: Sanjay Dutt, Shah Rukh Khan, Dalip Tahil, Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Satish Shah, Suresh Menon, Arjun Rampal, Shah Goswami, Armaan Verma


The film is about Jivan, a software engineer in Miami who is experiencing video game and tries to win her villain RA.ONE. Trying to find a common language with his teenage son, the designer creates the ultimate villain playing video games. When the program becomes self-villain, he runs away from the game and kills his father. Now hunted digital demon, as he - the only player able to beat him, is to remove the boy protagonist of the game - which was developed in the imagination of his father. Together, the unlikely duo begins to build the relationships that they never shared a father and son, and between times hinder villain plan to enslave the world. Will they be able? Most importantly, they overcome obstacles to defeat the villain? With the help of you can download Ra.One full movie in HD quality.

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