Download Reality free torrent 1080p

Download Reality free torrent 1080p

Download Reality torrent 1080p

Runtime: 1:51:27
Genre: Comedy
Country: Italy
Director: Matteo Garrone
Year: 2012
Audio: MP3, 64 kb / s
Starring: Aniello Arena, Loredana Simioli, Nando Paone Nellie Iorio, Nundzia Skyano, Rosary D'Urso, Giuseppina Chervitstsi, Claudia Gerini, Minachchoni Paola, Ciro Petrone, Mistikone Salvatore, Vincenzo Riccio


Luciano, fishmonger from Naples, the head of a large family, energetic, funny guy, a comedian by nature. He never misses an opportunity to make a presentation to its customers and numerous relatives. Once children come to mind that their talented pope could become a member of the reality show Big Brother. And they convince him of this. Telereality and dream of going to completely change the life of the TV Luciano. Nothing else has meaning for him - no wife, no family, no friends, no job ... With the help of you can download Reality free movie in HD.

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