Download Red Cliff 1080p free movie

Download Red Cliff 1080p free movie

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Audio: ffaac, 85 kb / s
Year: 2008
Country: China
Director: John Woo
Runtime: 2:27:50
Genre: Drama
Starring: Chen Chang, Hou Yong, Zhang Hu, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Wei Chi, Chi Ling Lin, Shido Nakamura, Jia Song, Chung Sun


In 208 AD, in ancient China, the events took place, which later formed the basis for one of the great Chinese novels of the Middle Ages and became a military epic, which can be compared, perhaps, only the "Iliad" of Homer. At that time, China was divided into three kingdoms: in one of them the rules of the Emperor, and the other two are independent and subject to the will of its ruler. Wanting to unite all Chinese land into a single powerful empire, the Prime Minister Cao Cao, a man of considerable intelligence, thinker and poet, in fact govern the country persuaded the emperor hesitant to start a war with the independent kingdoms of Wu and Shu. Easily defeated the army of Shu, numerous troops of the emperor surrounded the surviving soldiers of the Red Rocks. Caught in the siege, they have resorted to the only remaining at their disposal - was sent into the realm of the military adviser Chzhuge Liang, an outstanding young commander, he convinced the governor to send to the aid of his Shu army, led by a brave and noble Zhou yu. With you can download Red Cliff full free movie in HD quality.

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