Download Rememory free torrent HD

Download Rememory free torrent HD

Download Rememory torrent HD

Runtime: 1:24:30
Genre: Detective
Country: United States
Year: 2015
Director: Michael Polish
Audio: ffaac, 86 kb / s
Starring: Wes Bentley, Richard Riley, Patrick Bauchau, Kate Bosworth, Sheshoni Hall, Mia Barron, Olivia Rose Keegan


The storyline of the film amnesiac / stronggt; It shows us the main character a young man who considers himself very successful man whose life has gone in the best way. But the happiness does not last too long, the protagonist gets into a car accident as a result loses her memory. Doctors do not undertake to predict anything, because such a diagnosis may be accompanied by very different consequences for both the victim and his family. The protagonist wakes up in the home, where around one another's people who claim that they have long been familiar. In the film, Amnesiac (2015), the protagonist begins to think that around deception that perhaps he now lives is not his life. The situation is beginning to seriously complicated when the woman calls herself his wife, prohibits the protagonist to go out, arguing that it would be safer, both for himself and for society. The protagonist can not sort out their feelings. He suspects a conspiracy around him, but who needs it is still very unclear. Watch movie online you can always on our site for free. With the help of you can download Rememory free movie in HD quality.

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