Download Running Man for free in HD

Download Running Man for free in HD

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Runtime: 2:07:25
Country: South Korea
Year: 2013
Genre: Comedy
Director: Cho Don About
Audio: ffaac, 129 kb / s
Starring: Cho Eun Ji, Kim Sang Ho Lee Min-ho, Shin Ha Gyun


Cha Jong-U ordinary mechanic. He has seventeen son named Ki-Hyuk, a mere seventeen years younger than his dad, in connection with which the pair still quite tense. Jeong-U dreaming to buy a house for himself and his son, laboring for it at night as a taxi driver. But it is not a simple taxi driver Jeong Do-high driver loves speed, and higher pay than ordinary taxis, he quickly whisk you to any part of the city. The problem begins when one day his client is dead. By law, the genre, our driver becomes the prime suspect and forced to become a fugitive. Its like a hare chased throughout the city, and he is trying to investigate the matter and clear his name, because the only way he can save his relationship with his son. A boy in the meantime is not sitting still, puzzled by the fact that his father is suspected of murder, he is trying to sort things out and reveal the truth. With the help of you can download Running Man full HD movie.

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