Download Scalps free torrent in HD

Download Scalps free torrent in HD

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Audio: faad, 129 kb / s
Director: Claudio Fragasso
Country: Italy
Runtime: 1:36:57
Genre: Drama
Year: 1987
Starring: Vassili Keris, Mapi Galan, Charlie Bravo, Beni Cardoso, Alberto Farnese, Lola Forner, Emilio Linder


The civil war is long over, but a band of Confederates did not lay down arms and wants revenge for the defeat of the northerners. In between preparation for new attacks, she robs Indian settlements Apaches and kill their inhabitants. Colonel Connor, unprincipled and cruel man, this time wanted to get in the use of an Indian chief's daughter. His soldiers destroyed the whole village, but she managed to escape and she finds shelter in the house of a lone hunter and former Confederate lieutenant named Matt. It is against violence, but still hates Indians, for many years before they raped and killed his wife. Despite this, the girl was given a warm welcome, enraging an entire cavalry. Now Matt and Indian squaw should work together to escape to the mountains and fight the thugs ... According to Indian legend, the spirit of the dying person takes up residence in his hair, so for complete victory over the enemy Indians scalped. With you can download Scalps full movie in HD.

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