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Runtime: 1:40:14
Year: 1991
Genre: Comedy
Audio: MP3, 64 kb / s
Director: Richard Linklater
Country: United States
Starring: Richard Linklater Rudy Baskez, Jean Caffeine, Jan Hockey, Stephan Hockey, Mark James, Samuel Dietert, Bob Boyd Terrence Kirk, Keith McCormack, Jennifer Schaudies, Dan Kratochvil


Plotless film about a day in the life of bohemian bums and nevpisavshihsya in Austin, Texas. For half an hour before us goes freak show character, and neither one of them the camera is not delayed more than 3 minutes: dreamy traveler, a man obsessed with UFOs, conspirologist amateur old anarchist, offering friendship burglar in your own home, a collector of old TVs and whether strange girl, or boy, sold on the street gynecological smear Madonna. With you can download Slacker full free HD movie.

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