Download Snake Island 1080p free movie

Download Snake Island 1080p free movie

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Genre: Horrors
Audio: MP3, 32 kb / s
Year: 2002
Country: South Africa
Runtime: 1:33:07
Director: Wayne Crawford
Starring: William Katt, Wayne Crawford, Kate Connor, Russel Savadier, Dawn Matthews, Milan Murray, Jason Kennett, Japan Mthembu, Nicola Hanekom, Seth Zweli Zimu, Rohan Coll, Jonathan Taylor


Tourist boat makes a stop to land Malcolm Paige on the infamous Snake Island. Malcolm gathers material for a book about the creeping reptiles terrorizing this part of the African jungle, but his companions as risky not to their liking. However, due to an unexpected failure of the boat they would have to spend the night in a hut on the beach. The island welcomes guests with an ominous silence, and its owners, the most dangerous, most poisonous snakes of all that are known to science, waiting for the night. Soon they silently surround their prey frightened, began the hunt for a sinister man. Will someone out alive from the accursed Serpent Island? With the help of you can download Snake Island full HD movie.

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