Download Strays free torrent in HD quality

Download Strays free torrent in HD quality

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Genre: Horrors
Runtime: 1:22:28
Director: John McPherson
Year: 1991
Country: United States
Audio: MP3, 32 kb / s
Starring: Kathleen Quinlan, Timothy Busfield, Claudia Christian, William Boyett, Heather Lilly, Jessica Lilly, Gary McGurk, Eve Brenner, Michael McNab


The film tells the story of a terrible man-eating cats. Family of three people buying a house with an unpleasant past. Before them there lived an old woman - a lover of cats, who died under mysterious circumstances. However, new tenants do not betray any special significance. However, later under mysterious circumstances in the basement of a worker dies due that repaired peregryzenny telephone wire, but the new tenants notice that something is wrong, only when the cat almost to death gnaw a huge dog. And now they have to fight for their home against swarms of stray cats and black leader. With the help of you can download Strays free full HD movie.

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