Download The Decoy Bride 1080p full movie

Download The Decoy Bride 1080p full movie

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Country: United Kingdom
Director: Sheri Folkson
Runtime: 1:25:25
Genre: Comedy
Year: 2011
Audio: MP3, 48 kb / s
Starring: Alice Eve, David Tennant, Kelly MacDonald, Dylan Moran, Michael Urie, Sally Phillips, Federico Castelluccio, James Fleet, Hamish Clark, Samuel Rukin, Alex Childs, Robert Fife


The Decoy Bride (2011) - melodrama, the events that take place on the island of Hägg. Returning home can turn into quite unexpectedly. Kathy - still a young girl, had very disappointed men. Another mother's illness and knocks her out of a rut ... Lara Tyler - successful superstar dreams, like all the girls to arrange his personal life and play a chic wedding. Her fiance James - although it has in its arsenal, only one book, but because it has become no less popular for his bride. Their lives are under constant camera flashes, forcing the lovers escape. His refuge island Hägg they choose where they think they will have no one. But professionals find them there, and the young decide to make a knight's move - to bring down the paparazzi off the scent. Lara picks for cameras new bride James - Cathy. Modest provincial cautiously, but still he agrees to play along with the children. Now events are beginning to go not so usual is expected to Lara. Seemingly innocent game turns into something more in the relationship Kathy and James. The whole scenario of the star collapses, when between her fiance and simple provincial spark jumps. How will this affect the future recently loving couple wishing to become a family? And yet it is there, then it's the future? Watch Movies Online The Decoy Bride recommend all in good quality, without registration and free. Good evening! With the help of you can download The Decoy Bride full free movie in HD.

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