Download The Forger HD torrent

Download The Forger HD torrent

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Runtime: 1:35:10
Genre: Drama
Year: 2014
Director: Philip Martin
Audio: ffaac, 77 kb / s
Country: United States
Starring: John Travolta, Christopher Plummer, Jennifer Or Travis Aaron, Abigail Spencer, Kyle Herriti, Shanti Juice, Tye Sheridan, Lyndon Smith, Anastasia Sanidopulos Musis


Tandem talent and inclination for adventure leads the hero of the film forger to problems with the law. We recommend that you watch online movie The Forger (2014) about the history of a man who had the ability to conquer the world with a brush, not a hoax. Ray Cutter has been endowed with a unique gift to paint. Besides talent, he had the ability to reproduce someone else's style, and perform high-quality imitation of someone else's original work. He cleverly used the data of the customer, to pay the young artist is not a small fee. And the money the guy has not been a hindrance. Ray family in need of financial assistance and the artist decided to go for a costly adventure. Besides, he wanted to impress a girl which was in love. And for this cash will not be burdensome. Ray concerned about the fact that she is still undecided in their feelings. While his heart is tormented by the question of love, he needs to get to work. But whether he can execute the order so as not to incur the big trouble? Break the law and gain fame swindler is much easier than to demonstrate to the world the ability to create masterpieces on canvas. Detective shows a path for himself chooses Ray and what can come of it. With the help of you can download The Forger free full movie in HD quality.

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