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Genre: Struggle
Year: 1981
Country: Taiwan
Runtime: 1:31:14
Director: Chen Kuan Tai
Audio: MP3, 64 kb / s
Starring: Lu Hui Chan, Chen Kuan Tai Mu Chuan Chen Kuan-Chun Chi Kang Kam Ka-Yan Leung, Keung Lee, Ma Chi, Shih Chung Tinh, Ga-lam Suen, Jung Chi Sun, Wilson Tong


Chen Kuan Tai plays the boy, nicknamed the Iron, the entire family was executed on the orders of the evil General Ching Dynasty on suspicion of belonging to the rebels. He escaped from government troops hiding in the Iron County Shaolin Monastery, where slowly running wild. In the woods it is one of the students of the monastery, which it acquired the affected monkey plastics persuaded the rector to take Iron apprentice, giving him the nickname Iron Monkey. Time passes, and after a few years to master the difficult technique hero Monkey Fist and, after leaving the monastery, engaging in court protection to try to reach a general, responsible for the murder of his family, inside and avenge the death of loved ones. With you can download Tie hou zi full free movie in HD.

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