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Audio: MP3, 80 kb / s
Director: Michel Paulette
Country: United States
Year: 2007
Genre: meloDramatic
Runtime: 1:25:08
Starring: Kathryn Winnick, Nicholas Wright, Chuck Shamatov Carl Pryuner Claudia Besso, Guy Sprung, Claudia Ferri, James Kidney, Kelly Anne Patterson, John Koensgen, Barry Blake, Tori Hammond


A psychological thriller about a lab employee who suffered an obsession to solve the murder while desperately trying to keep his sanity. Nina Peterson, afraid of losing his beloved job, successfully cope with his schizophrenia through medication. But one day, during the night shift heavily guarded her message about the death of millionaire businessman, who died of a brain tumor, but the scan did not confirm the tumor. Nina there is an irresistible desire to get to the truth. Despite the support of his new lover Jimmy, she begins to experience hallucinations and hear voices, clearly realizing that going crazy. Nina suspects that Cooper is guilty in the death of its former chief - Dr. Strand, with him, she ties and worsening of their condition. But will it convince anyone else? With the help of this site you can download Tipping Point free movie in HD quality.

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