Download True Story 720p for free

Download True Story 720p for free

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Runtime: 1:38:58
Genre: Detective
Audio: ffaac, 87 kb / s
Director: Rupert Goold
Country: United States
Year: 2014
Starring: Joel Garland, Ethan Suplee, Gretchen Mol, James Franco, John Sherian, Robert John Burke, John Hill, Felicity Jones, Betty Gilpin, Mary Ditstsia


The protagonist of films True Story is a well-known journalist Michael Finkel, who until recently worked in the New York Times, but after a scandalous article has been dismissed. Once Michael gets a call from a journalist from another town who asks him strange questions about a man named Christian Longo. It turns out that for a long time, Longo was wanted by police for the murder of his wife and three young children. This criminal was hiding under the pseudonym Michael Finkel. He decides to find out all over and goes to a meeting with a man who until recently was an exemplary family man and a decent citizen, and is now in prison for the brutal murder of their loved ones. You can watch the movie online and find out what Christian wants to tell all journalists through his amazing, in his opinion, history. Michael decides to take advantage of this unique opportunity to make a series of articles about the murderer, he had to take an exclusive interview, and thereby make themselves known as a great journalist. The hero of the film True Story (2015) a lot of time with the inmates while he awaits the verdict of the court. After some conversation and new details of the case, Finkel begins to suspect that a Christian can not be guilty, but simply someone covers. The hero tries to understand everything and understand what is really going on. I did the Longo this terrible crime, or he just played with trusting a journalist? With you can download True Story full movie in HD.

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