Download Une veuve en or 1969 1080p

Download Une veuve en or 1969 1080p

Movie Une veuve en or full HD

Genre: Comedy
Director: Michel Audiard
Country: France
Year: 1969
Runtime: 1:25:32
Audio: faad, 129 kb / s
Starring: Michel Mercier, Claude Rich, Roger Karel Jean Karma Daniel Sekkaldi, Jean-Pierre Darras, Mario David, Folco Lully, André Puss, Sim, Jacques Dyufilo, Claude Vega


Once there was a young family, but Delphine Antoine, and they would be happy and carefree, if any one thing. Delphine Rich uncle left a huge inheritance, but with a condition wherewith they get the money, if her husband dies. Antoine, of course, a nice guy, but the amount is too high. Now it is trying to kill his own wife, muddler and even a killer team of thugs. Wherever there was Antoine, corpses piled on all sides, and he vseni how much. But all the same to get the money? To do this, the husband and wife have to play as a team ... With you can download Une veuve en or free full movie in HD.

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