Download Wu quan 1976 in HD quality

Download Wu quan 1976 in HD quality

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Genre: Comedy
Audio: MP3, 32 kb / s
Director: Chen Chihva
Year: 1976
Runtime: 1:26:33
Country: Taiwan
Starring: Tsu Wang Ai, Ting Chao, Chen Chihva Kai Chia, Chung Chi Quang, Paul Chun, Shao Hsiao, Bu Lao Hui Shih Hao Ko, Tai Li Wen Pao Lu, Angela Mao


Two master every five years, arrange fights among themselves but to find out whose style is better, but each time they draw takes place. Since both players are old, and wait for the next five years, they may not get what they take to his pupil a young girl Rolling Stone that she would be able to help them in their dispute, both having learned their style. So begins this fascinating film consisting of 90 percent of the fights. With the help of this site you can download Wu quan full free movie in HD quality.

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