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Country: France
Director: Lowe E
Runtime: 2:14:32
Year: 2006
Audio: MP3, 32 kb / s
Genre: Drama
Starring: Syueyun Bai Lin Kui, Long Dong, Guo Xiaodong, Hao Lei, Ling Hu, Chi Le, Meihuizi Zeng, Xianmin Zhang


Yu Hong leaves her village, her parents and her lover and goes to study in Beijing. At the university, she discovers a new world full of sexual freedom and forbidden pleasures. Absorbed this freedom, she falls madly in love fellow student Zhou Wei. Passion, which they can neither understand nor resist fills their relationship betrayal, accusations and endless provocations. Meanwhile, the Beijing students begin to arrange a demonstration, demanding democracy and freedom. Amidst the chaos and panic Yu and Zhou lose each other ... Zhou sent to a military camp, coming from where he flies to Berlin, leaving his country and memories of Yu. She finds a job and lover, but can not forget Zhou. With you can download Yihe yuan full movie in HD.

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