Download Zbehovia a putnici free HD

Download Zbehovia a putnici free HD

Download Zbehovia a putnici free HD

Genre: Drama
Country: Czechoslovakia
Runtime: 1:39:16
Year: 1968
Director: Juraj Jakubisko
Audio: faad, 128 kb / s
Starring: Ferencz Gejza, Mikulas Ladizinsky, Helena Gorovova, Alexandra Sekulova, Augustin Cuban, Magda Vashariova, Jan Stehnova, Samuel Adamcik, Frantisek Peto, Katarina Tekelova, Ol'ga Vronska, Olga Adamchikova


Anti-war triptych called Deserters and pilgrims on the screens revives medieval mystery. It includes three short stories telling about the ways that lead to death. Using with all his unbridled imagination, inspired by the paintings of Chagall, fairground spectacle, ornaments of national costumes, naïve painting on glass, Jakubisko illuminates a bloody history of mankind, which is presented in the form of an apocalyptic reality of revolution, war and imminent nuclear disaster. Often Jakubisko for the camera itself becomes a (short story Jakubisko Deserters completely removed as the operator) and creates a spectacle that in their color vision and cruelty prophecies simply appalling. Here there is an animal aggression and awareness of the tragic futility of good intentions. With the help of you can download Zbehovia a putnici free full movie in HD quality.

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