Download Ziarno prawdy HD torrent

Download Ziarno prawdy HD torrent

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Audio: ffaac, 88 kb / s
Year: 2015
Director: Boris Lankosh
Genre: Detective
Runtime: 1:46:15
Country: Poland
Starring: Krzysztof Pechinsky, Andrzej Zielinski, Jerzy warble Yvon Belsky, Robert Wińôckiewicz, Joanna Sydor-Klepatsky Alexander Hamkalo, Zohar Strauss, Magdalena shafts Modest Rusyn


The grain of truth reveals the secret life of all known public prosecutor - Theodore Shatsky. The protagonist lived his life and his quiet for a long time doing things you love. In Warsaw, he was considered the best in the business. But very soon for a white stripe in his life should be black. The main character is going through a heavy divorce with his beloved wife, with whom he planned to spend his whole life, but something did not happen, and the fate spread them apart. Theodore no longer disperse in the city and quickly moved to the picturesque town - Sandomierz, which is located in southern Poland. In the film Ziarno prawdy (2015) is a former prosecutor for a long time without cause is not sitting. At the new place, he quickly finds a job and takes to the investigation of the intricate and mysterious things in his practice. Many claimed that the story I covered a wide variety of legends and myths, but Theodore sure that every legend is fraught with a bit of truth to which he is now, and will get to the bottom. This becomes the new employment in the life of the protagonist, which helps him to escape from family problems. Watch movie online can be just us. With you can download Ziarno prawdy full HD movie.

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