Fotografando Patrizia Download 720p full movie

Fotografando Patrizia Download 720p full movie

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Genre: Drama
Audio: faad, 129 kb / s
Director: Salvatore Samper
Runtime: 1:29:49
Year: 1985
Country: Italy
Starring: Monica Guerritore Lorenzo Lena, Gianfranco Manfredi, Gilla Novak, Saverio Vallone, Svevo Samperi, Raffaele Fornaro, Emanuele Fornaro, Andrea Trevisan, Matteo Briga


The first love is never forgotten. 16 year-old Emilio from a wealthy family and lived in a big house. But once there is his sister, 25-year-old Patricia. Between them installed strange ambiguous relationship: the day Patricia behaves normally, trying to bring the youth of the apathy, the night she comes to him and tells about his love affairs. They do not always understand each other, often quarrel. Patricia wants to go to end this dubious game, but not solved. With the help of this site you can download Fotografando Patrizia free HD movie.

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