Fracchia contro Dracula Download 1080p torrent

Fracchia contro Dracula Download 1080p torrent

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Year: 1985
Genre: Comedy
Audio: MP3, 32 kb / s
Country: Italy
Runtime: 1:27:10
Director: Neri Parenti
Starring: Paolo Villaggio, Edmund Purdy, Gigi Reder, Ania Pieroni, Federica Brion, Giuseppe Chederna, Susanna Martinkova, Andrea Gnekko, Philippe de Gara, Paul Müller, Puppe Romano, Isabella Ferrari


Comedy horror, parodying stereotypes and cliches of the genre. Shy realtor Giandomenico Frakkia received an ultimatum: either he finally sell at least one customer a single house, or take off from work. And the computer shows Frakkii meets all customer requirements mansion - castle in Transylvania, built in ancient times and belonged to a certain Count Vlad. Giandomenico travels to Transylvania with the client, and Vlad, aka Dracula, rises from the grave ... With you can download Fracchia contro Dracula free full HD movie.

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