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Director: Alex Catalan
Year: 2012
Audio: MP3, 32 kb / s
Runtime: 1:35:15
Genre: Drama
Country: Spain
Starring: Antonio de la Torre, Mario Casas, Joaquin Nunez, Jose Manuel Pogue, Inma Cuesta, Estefania De Los Santos, Julian Villagran, Alfonso Sanchez, Carlos Olaya, Lucia Guerrero, Diana Lazaro, Jesus Carros


1987 Sevilla. Group 7 special police squad with very important task: to purge the city of prostitution and drug trafficking, putting an end to all the corrosive force that invaded the streets. At the head of the detachment are Angel, a young officer who seeks to become a detective, and Rafael, brutal and arrogant, but very effective seasoned cop. The primary method of action of 7 - in the fight against crime to circumvent the law by using violence, threats, half-truths and lies. For them, all good. As they move forward in their mission, two officers are on different paths. Angel is keen for its ambition and Rafael suddenly found himself bound and falls in love with a beautiful young woman Lucia, which picks up on the front of this street. With you can download Grupo 7 full free movie in HD.

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