Guilty Download HD free movie

Guilty Download HD free movie

Movie Guilty full 1080p

Country: Hong Kong
Runtime: 1:42:25
Year: 2014
Genre: Drama
Audio: ffaac, 85 kb / s
Director: Jill Wong
Starring: Liu Kai Chi Pak-ho Chau Lee Liddy


Romance, in which entwined crime thriller and detective story - Guilty. The film will please fans of Asian cinema, has always created with great taste and deep reflection of the viewer. The protagonist of the picture-killer Jack, who tries to escape from the abyss of depravity prostitute Ting-Ting. Taking a walk in the Red Light District, a man pays attention to her and shoots her. It turns out that the killer and prostitute - two perfectly have approached each other fragments of fate: it rejected because of the ugly face even prostitutes, neglected by her customers because of the terrible scar on her stomach. Both know what human contempt, and both want to find a different world, where people do not judge each other by appearance. Jack decides at any cost free the girl from her miserable life, even if it will have to go because of this cruelty. Life changes dramatically couples, but - the viewer know if will start to watch a movie online. Painting ¬ęGuilty (2014)" is preparing for the viewer a lot of sharp turns, because, despite the apparent similarity of characters, they are completely different, each with their "cockroaches" in the head. With you can download Guilty full free HD movie.

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