Il principe abusivo Download in HD 2013

Il principe abusivo Download in HD 2013

Dowload movie Il principe abusivo free HD

Genre: Comedy
Director: Alessandro Siani
Audio: ffaac, 128 kb / s
Runtime: 1:41:54
Country: Italy
Year: 2013
Starring: Augusto Fornari Marco Messeri, Christian De Sica, Serena Auteri, Raffaele Musella, Alessandro Siani, Sarah Felberbaum, Salvatore Mistikone, Alan Cappelli Goetz Nellie Iorio


If you thought that the princess, kings and queens were only in England, you are deeply mistaken. This story tells about a young person of princely blood of one small country, which is on the map and it is hard to find. Girl in itself is good and has a good heart. The only passion of her father are searching for on the Internet of erotic material. But the princess herself is committed to opening up veterinary clinics. However, in such cases it is not possible to collect the necessary funds at the expense of charity. It is not particularly popular, and even in local newspapers about it do not write. And it worried the princess, but purely out of good purposes. How to attract the attention of the press? Chief Chamberlain tells her to create a great sensation. For this purpose, it is necessary to begin to meet the poor guy. After all, people like these stories. In his Duchy of Her Highness he finds the poor with not very good manners named Antonio. They begin to spend time together, to visit different places and the guy thinks that the representative of the royal family fell in love with him on the ears. That they cause a great scandal among the people and now all interested their relationship. And the task is done, but what to do with Antonio, because this poor man, and he is now burning feelings for the princess .. With you can download Il principe abusivo free full movie in HD.

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