Into the Sun Download 720p torrent

Into the Sun Download 720p torrent

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Country: United States
Year: 2005
Runtime: 1:32:50
Audio: MP3, 40 kb / s
Director: Mink
Genre: Struggle
Starring: Steven Seagal, Matthew Davis, Takao Osawa, Eddie George, William Atherton, Juliette Marquis, Ken Lo, Kosuke Toyohara, Akira Tara, Eve Masatoh, Pace Y, Kuriyama Chiaki


When a brutal murder of the governor of Tokyo, and his wife's sister is kidnapped, people's thoughts inevitably turn to the only force capable of such a heinous crime - the Yakuza, the Japanese mafia legendary. Those who live by the harsh laws of the samurai, the bandits are not afraid of anyone or anything, and all passed their way forward to an early and painful death. Challenge Yakuza suicidal, but is a man ready to take a risk - a CIA agent Travis Hunter. And he's going to get to the truth, whatever it may cost him. However, not even he could have imagined a shocking truth to lead his dangerous mission ... With the help of you can download Into the Sun free full movie in HD quality.

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