Irish Eyes Download HD for free

Irish Eyes Download HD for free

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Runtime: 1:52:16
Audio: MP3, 64 kb / s
Country: United States
Genre: Drama
Director: Daniel McCarthy
Year: 2004
Starring: Daniel Baldwin, John Novak, Wings Hauser, Walter Learning, Torri Higginson, John Ralston, Aidan Devine, Albert Watson, Jack Betts, Dion DeRizzo, Eugene Lipinski, Ronnie Marmo


The story began in 1955 in South Boston docks. In the eyes of Thomas and Sean Phelan Italian mafia killed their father. Eight years later, the brothers parted ways. Thomas went to college, and Sean after an unsuccessful attempt bank robbery jailed. In the early '80s, at the height of the war between gangs Boston gangsters Sean Phelan was released and climbed the stairs mafia hierarchy, became the leader of all the Irish underworld. His brother Thomas, all these years, successfully built a political career and became a district attorney, was on the other side of the law. And though Thomas and Sean have long been complete strangers to each other, the Italian Mafia does not care about such subtleties. Both brothers sentenced to death ... With you can download Irish Eyes free movie in HD.

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