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Director: Carlos Ramos ml.
Country: United States
Runtime: 1:30:48
Year: 2010
Audio: MP3, 48 kb / s
Genre: Horrors
Starring: Maciel Lusha, Stephen Colletti, Lil J, Dean Cain, Nick Hogan, Cassandra Jean, Fernanda Romero, Silvia Penekayon Kathy Townsend, Einat Tubi, Danny Arroyo, Hana Hwang


College students - Jim, Dixie and Ginger - having fun, buying at the online auction ... ghost. They do not suspect that this is not a joke, and that in fact they have got the spirit of Kathy Malone, miserable Irish maid, two hundred years ago, ejected the owner on the street and died from the cold. Old black wooden box arrives in the mail to friends. Following instructions, the friends make a wish, but even after their small dreams come true, they do not believe that the ghost really exists. Kathy Malone do not like ... Trying to please his new masters, the ghost of Cathy killing the professor who Dixie bad grade, and cut off her hand, Jim gave no timetable. Frightened, the students are trying to get rid of the evil poltergeist, but it is not easy to do: a ghost is not going to leave his new family and acts as he sees fit. The killings continue, and who knows when the vengeful spirit of the Kathy Malone quench his rage? With the help of you can download Kill Katie Malone full free movie in HD quality.

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