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Genre: Drama
Runtime: 3:50:24
Audio: ffaac, 83 kb / s
Year: 1971
Director: Jean Kershbron
Country: France
Starring: Xavier Depraz, Eric Damain, Philip Boucle, Delphine Deze, Georges Marchal, Juliette Villars, Phillip Clay, Marie Leturner, Claudine Reira, Raul Marco Jacob Moykler Georges Duking


The protagonist of the novel - Gwynplaine - a child has been kidnapped by bandits comprachicos that disfigured beyond recognition, his face carved on it a terrible grimace. Oddly enough, this fanaticism has failed to cripple the soul of the boy, and he grew up an intelligent, kind, generous and honest man. This rare collection of the finest human qualities in sharp contrast with the surrounding reality Gwynplaine. The ups and downs of his amazing destiny, its share drops a huge amount of testing, but it turns out to be stronger than them, and goes from the actor to the Fair MPs. With the help of UrsaMovie.com you can download L'homme qui rit free full movie in HD quality.

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